Lollipops for Languages!


The library was the place to be today where there were language challenges going on all day.  Decorated with our flags from the World Cup and some EU balloons I acquired at SETT pupils were able to win a lollipop in exchange for counting to 10 in a language other than English/French/Gaelic (the 3 languages we teach) or by learning a few greetings in another language. The challenge was so popular we ran out of lollipops, so it’s being repeated tomorrow.  A wide variety of languages are spoken in school, some know a few words of Italian or German, we have fluent Gaelic speakers and also pupils bilingual in German, Portugese and Slovakian.

Our school website, which contains the interviews we have done with those who live hear but speak other languages will go live on Friday – watch this space!

Interviews on the Beach

We were out and about again today as we caught up with Tanny.  Yet again the girls were impressed with the language skills of our interviewee, Tanny speaks 4 or 5 Indian languages as well as English, French, Italian and German. 

For the connection between cheese, culture and languages watch out for Tanny’s interview on our school website on the European Day of Languages!

(No photo as yet, our PE teacher ran off with our stills camera and none of us could catch her!!)

Out and About

 europeandayphotos 013.jpgeuropeandayphotos 016.jpgeuropeandayphotos 017.jpg

This morning we did a couple more interviews for our website. First stop was Christina, born in Switzerland, she has worked all over the world and speaks several languages.  Her first language is Italian so the girls were able to get in a bit of practice.

Next we went to the Himalyan exhibition which regularly visits Mull.  Here we met Dorma, another speaker of many languages, she comes originally from Tibet.

All things beings well, you’ll be able to hear them on our website on the European Day of Languages!

Konnichi wa Grant!

europeandayphotos 009.jpgeuropeandayphotos 010.jpg

Our Italian studies were put on hold for an hour as we welcomed Grant, who is a former pupil of Tobermory High.  Grant is currently working in a school in Japan and came into, with his friend to be interviewed about his language learning, for our European Language Day website. 

It was a great chance to talk a bit about languages and language learning and also to hear a bit about the differences between school in Scotland and Japan. 

On a tour of the newly refurbished primary Grant taught primary 3 a few words of Japanese – they were so impressed they told the janitor a Japanese man had been to visit them…

Bella Bella!


A bit like Gregory in “Gregory’s Girl” these were my only words of Italian!  Over the summer holidays I started listening to “learn Italian” podcasts which I found quite useful.


I have now listened to 5 Italian podcasts and think I’m doing quite well, in fact better than I imagined. When I was learning French and German everything was text book and grammar based, but I’m coping quite well with only hearing the Italian – after all I really want conversational Italian, really no reason for me to write it at the moment.

I can visualise some of the words, guessing them from French and also Spanish and Latin, both of which I’ve studied in the past (well I did “O” Grade Latin over 20 years ago). I can certainly see the similarities with Spanish in particular ie being able to use the verb without its subject, and some words are very similar, bit confusing at first but I’m starting to separate them out.


I have bought a dictionary and grammar book as I do find it useful to see the words written down.  Anyway I better get listening again before the girls overtake me!


Welcome to the S5/6 Vocational Language Course.

This is a new course where pupils will use technology to try and learn languages which interest them and which we are normally unable to offer in Tobermory. 

 Starting this week with Italian they are setting themselves weekly targets and will record their own progress on their own blogs.  There are links to these on the blog roll.

 We’ll also be interviewing some speakers of different languages about their own languages and language learning experiences – these will be on our school website to celebrate the European Day of Languages.